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The Transformation

Our 50-minute workouts are designed around the proven principles of Pilates mixed with high-intensity training.

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Be Strong

To achieve muscle failure, you must maintain time under tension. It’s not enough to want it; you’ve got to work it!

Be Real

Our Star Athletes will test your limits! Keep your mind strong & your body will follow!

Be You

With 10 different class formats, you can mix & match your workouts to achieve the results you desire!

Get Boom Juice!

Juicing is one the most efficient ways to deliver the essential micro-nutrients needed in your daily diet. bodybar offers fresh ready-made and made-to-order juices Boom Juice.

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This is anything but your traditional Reformer class! We’ve ramped it up a notch and brought it into the 21st century. The gorgeous Allegro 2 Reformer is about to take you through a seamless workout combining Pilates, Strength Training and our unique BURST formula.Come try out our proven formula to take your inner athlete to the next level.

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Have a seat, we dare you! The sexy EXO chair with its unique split pedal and resistance bands packs a punch in this CARDIO intensive workout. Who would have known a chair could leave you begging to stand and shaking to your core.

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We love the Tower system for its ability to move you, build you, stretch you in positions you never thought possible. Whether you need a powerful workout or the benefits of mindful stretching, this ingenious system is sure to become one of your favorites.

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