Transformation Update: Reformer Jump!

Thursday, 09 August 2012 by

I took the Reformer Jump class with Dena in hopes that it would help with the soreness I still had from my BURST class.  It was pretty challenging.  Dena kept us going constantly and was constantly encouraging us.  Everyone had a blast!  She incorporated a cardio workout/burn out with a strength training and core workout.  It was a total body workout, and I loved it!  It’s so much fun to catch some air when doing the Jump class!  Great job Dena!


I signed up to take the Reformer with Margaret.  I thought that I could get through the class pretty easy without working too hard or being too challenged… WRONG!  Margaret is so innovative.  I never worked so hard in a class!  It was great to be really challenged.  I was sweating, struggling, and my legs were shaking.  It was an incredible workout.  I spoke with several other ladies who took the class and they felt the exact same way.  It’s great to be in such a low key beautiful environment yet able to get an incredible workout at such a high level.  We did strength training with the bands.  We did ab work outs on the box.  My inner thighs are screaming at me.  I can’t wait to do it again. Until next time!

Round 2: Power Tower

Saturday, 14 July 2012 by

I decided to come to the bodybar on a Saturday. I have not taken the Power Tower class since they first opened up. The class was packed! It was so much fun working out doing everything from working the bands to resistance training with everyone around. It really was a great atmosphere with Margaret leading the way. It was fun utilizing everything: bands, hand weights, balls, the ring, the reformer… it was a great class with a super workout. I’ll most definitely take this class again!

Today I did the Reformer with Margaret. The reformer is always challenging for me because I’m not very flexible and it forces me to really stretch out. We really worked our abs/core and legs. It was really great. Everyone at the studio had a good time while working hard. It was a 50 minute intense class with the bodybar burst! It was great. We did the jump board for our burst! AWESOME! It’s great to get strength and resistance training in the non-traditional way- not having to use hand weights all the time. I’m really enjoyed the class and encourage anyone to give the Reformer a try!

I took the Cardio Chair and Reformer class with Margaret at the Dallas studio.  I love it! This Pilates location is so convenient to not only work but from my home.  It is so easy to make it to class.  Margaret constantly changes us the routine, keeping it fresh and motivating.  It was a wonderful workout that had a little bit of everything: cardio i.e. the jump boards (my favorite), strength training, and ab workout.  It rocked!  After I completed workout, I had a blueberry protein shake. YUMMY!  See you at the bodybar soon!


Mondays = Cardio Chair with Margaret! Love starting my week off like this!  It is such a great, but challenging work out!  She constantly changes up the routine, which I just love!  It keeps the workout fresh and unique while still getting in a great workout.  Y’all need to try this!

Transformation Update: 6/20/12

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 by

So I was a little sore from yesterday’s Cardio Chair workout…but I thought I could handle another class, Reformer, with Angela, today.  I haven’t taken this popular class as much because I’m not that flexible.  Boy did it stretch me out!  What a great workout of really stretching out my legs, pushing it to the limit.  It was a great atmosphere with Angela leading the way.  Everyone had a great time!  This was a great class to take after yesterday’s class.  Great job bodybar team!

Report Card Day! I took my usual Monday evening class- Cardio Chair with Margaret.  It was a tough class but I got through it.  I’m always so amazed that I get through that class because it is challenging.  The icing on the cake: Margaret said she has noticed a transformation not only in my body but in my strength.  She can tell a huge difference in how I’m doing the exercises, how there is more definition in my body, and how strong I am getting.  That just put a huge smile on my face after such an intense workout!  It is worth it!  If I can do it, so can you!

I thought I’d have round 2 with Margaret with the Reformer… The reformer won but I was very close 2nd!  We had a great class.  I had a blast on the reformer because I rarely do this workout.  It really got my core going!  Had a great time!

Transformation Update: 6/4/12

Monday, 04 June 2012 by

Starting the week off with Margaret and bodybar with the Cardio Chair.  She keeps changing it up on me! AND I LOVE IT! Those of you who haven’t tried this workout need to! It’s great!


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